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    We’re a US-based business with a vision to make life infinitely more fun. Our games are built for in-person play without an Internet or a cellular connection. At heart, they’re designed to promote camaraderie. They represent twists on the familiar. And they incorporate both strategy and luck, facilitating competition that rewards cleverness, leaves room for the unexpected, and generates friendly bragging rights. Each game is produced in the US and packed with care.

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We're the Company Behind Rock Paper Scissors Wizard Croc

A fun twist on traditional Rock-Paper-Scissors play, Rock Paper Scissors Wizard Croc increases the importance of strategy and brings the unexpected to an exciting, new card game made for 2-4 players, ages 7 and up.

Watch a 45-second video to see what makes this flagship product so fun and unique, or check out our online store to learn more.

Learn More at RPSWC.com
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The People Behind the Company

The Ready Player N team brings functional and industry experience together under “one roof,” combining backgrounds in consumer-packaged-goods marketing, finance, and consulting for a range of US-based companies, including some of the nation’s largest.

At Ready Player N, we recognize the adage that “it takes a village,” and we are grateful for the support we have received from other entities and individuals. We also thank our fans for their purchases and feedback.

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